Snow Day

What a great day yesterday was to catch up, tidy up, and just mess around.   In reality, it was just a Saturday…  with normal Saturday chores still needing to done.  But mentally, it was a snow day.  A day to just hang out, meander around the house peaking out the windows watching the snow fall and pile up, the birds empty out the bird feeders, and finally get around to my 52 week challege/week 3 RED.

I had the big red truck that sits across the street in mind for quite some time, but it had been decked out for the holidays ~ not what I was going for ~ and when I finally got around asking my neighbor when they would be taking the decorations down, this happened and the best feature (other than it being red and old) was the perfectly cracked windshield that is now covered by fresh powder. 

Plan B: The berries in the fridge.  A good day to set up a still life.  There is so much I do like about this.. the perfectly imperfect marble slab I borrowed from our in-house baker and the berries red-berrieslook like you can just grab one and eat it (which I did when all done ~ retakes not an option).  But no matter how hard I tried, I didn’t know where to take this, I just knew I wanted it to be something more… more than just a bowl of berries that you could find in any food magazine.  So I have put it aside and will save it for if/when it finally comes to me.

So what did I finally submit for RED, a little red cardinal.  The birds could have cared less that we were all out playing in the snow, they just waited and watched.  Just like I had been watching them from the window throughout the day.  24580699745_310df8103a_o

Okay sun is shining, things need shoveling, and Saturday’s chores are still waiting, so it’s time to get to going… but it really was a great snow day.

Til next time,

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