Can you feel it?

IMG_20160222_131239 It’s coming!  I can feel it.  Although we might not be out of the woods yet, and March might still have a surprise in store for us, like another snow fall… it really is almost here ~ Spring!

Inspired to do a little spring cleaning, I revisited my photo archives, but instead of cleaning up files, I kept finding images that I had passed up, seeing a whole new potential in them… and instead of cleaning out files, I have now added to my library.  For instance, take these two photos from five years ago: pretty summer flowers and a sweet scene of a mom and her child enjoying a lovely summer day… Eh, right?  No surprise they were relegated to the archives.

momandchild  chanticleer-garden  In all fairness, they are shown here straight out of the camera, no editing.  On their own, they are what you see, not much more.

But together…

Fast forward five years.  Along with some technical skills I’ve learned along the way and knowing my camera a whole lot better, I would have to say the skill I love developing the most, and the one that is a game changer for me, and the one that continues to surprise me the most… is being able to tell a story ~ the way I see it or more accurately… feel it by being able to add elements… curiosity, imagination, creativity, insight, emotion… whether it be behind the view finder or in post

Would I like to be one of those photographers that can capture a moment, a scene right then and there… see it, feel it, snap it ?  I thought so five years ago, but now… not so much.  I like to play and discover… even if it takes five years to see it or is the result of a happy accident…splat timeline

Happy Leap Day
Until next time,


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