Feeling Happy

Here it is… the first day of spring!  So let’s get our happy faces on  🙂send in the clowns Not only am I happy that there are sure signs of more happy spring days to come ~ daffodils popping up here and there, trees starting to bud, and more daylight ~ but Clown Convoalso that the weather persons got today’s forecast for snow totally wrong.  Although we may still get a snow shower and it is a little chillier than I would like, the sun is warm… But let’s not get all serious about it, it is March after all, a very unpredictable month weather-wise.

Okay enough about the weather.  Hopefully no matter the weather where you are, on this first day of spring, today’s photos of a group of clowns visiting from Michigan to attend the Philadelphia for the St. Patrick’s Day parade will make you smile.  After doing their best Rocky impressions up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps (a real site to see), and although a little winded, they brought smiles to the faces of everyone around.  I’m still smiling 🙂clown-convo-II

Happy First Day of Spring!

Until next time,

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