Oh, honey honey…

TGIF!  If you’re like me today and can’t keep your mind on business as the week winds down, here’s a post to kill some time before you clock out or set out for whatever the weekend has in store.

What is is about old and abandoned things that make them so appealing?  So when an old hive got knocked out of its tree, I had to have it, and give it a new purpose.  I just wish I hadn’t waited so long to retrieve it.  First, its proximity was a little too close to a dog that I’m not on real friendly terms with.  Then, it got buried by the snow.  When I finally got it, sadly only a portion of it was left … no idea what happened to the rest of it.  Now what to do with it.  I conjured up all sorts of photo op ideas… like bathing it in honey.

mdreyer_abstract 1

honey and a light pad. A bit messy, but a cool effect.

But that would make a real mess of things, and I would like to keep the hive a around for a while longer.   The challenge, how to give this hive some life.   That’s when it hit me,cornflower n bee I need some bees.  The search for bees was on, my archives, the internet (did you know you can buy taxidermy bees, although not very pretty…).  My vision was starting to take form, and this called for something a bit more unique.  After all I’m putting bees in a wasp nest.  Finally! the search turned up  a perfect pair of bees thanks to smalls4utoo on Etsy.

All the elements were in place.  Next, how to highlight all those lovely textures, the richness of the honey, and make those bees buzz.   Off went the lights!  A flashlight covered in a tissue and some light painting (and a whole lot of trial & error), a little Topaz magic (a mix of Impressions & Glow ~ a favorite combination) and the hive has come back to life.

busy bees

Creating a good still life ~ a grouping of inanimate objects ~ requires thought, just the right elements, and a whole lot practice (as I am finding out) to give inanimate objects character, substance… a story.    I’ll leave you with my vision and, as is the nature of Art, let you compose your own interpretation or maybe a little inspiration to create your own still life.

Until next time,

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