Sunday Drivers


Who doesn’t like to go for a Sunday drive…
the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, and the road all to yourself.

And who doesn’t like to relive a little bit of their childhood.  Back in the day, my kids gave me the perfect excuse to play… whether in the sandbox or on the jungle gym, coloring, or playing with dolls and toy cars.   But, hey, just because they are grown doesn’t mean I can’t still play 🙂  That’s what this hobby of mine provides…  I broke out the Barbies for this shoot.  I got a few curious looks from a passerby or two, but I also got lots of smiles. What adult doesn’t like to be reminded of the simpler times of childhood?


Ironically, just so happened, I caught my daughter heading home…
after having to work on a Sunday.

How’d I Do That

The playing didn’t stop after I packed up my toys.  Just as much fun is figuring out the how-to’s.  In this case, I needed to figure out how to make my stationary car look like it was moving.  A quick search and I found Photoshop CC’s spin blur filter… Perfect… and even better… easy.  There were a couple other techniques needed to keep things realistic (especially when Barbie and Ken are the subjects) and I took bits and pieces from a couple more YouTube how-to’s and the guy(s) at Phlearn always provide some helpful tips.

Please note, I do not in any way advocate playing in traffic… this shoot was done on a road closed to thru traffic… my Barbie and I were never in danger.

Get out there and play!
Until next time,


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