I Feel Like Celebrating…

Now this is what I call celebrating the end of a year and beginning a new one!


photo courtesy of Reebok Spartan Races

So proud of this guy (my son 🙂 ) for closing out his year with a Spartan Beast of a race on Sunday.  I think everyone should celebrate like this… don’t you?  And he got to start his new birthday year doing what I wish I could… not much of anything, just chilling… partly because he couldn’t do much else following the beast.

May is the month for me that is filled to the brim with birthdays, anniversaries, and let’s 2016-04-24 16.27.39not forget Mother’s Day (kids…if your reading this…hint, hint 😉 ).  And today I’ve taken the day off to spend with my daughter on her birthday…  Although plans changed due to the rainy weather pattern we are stuck in,  it will still be a real girly day ahead with lunch and, of course, some shopping.

Oh!  And I’m not the only one that feels like celebrating TOPAZ LABS has a great offer going… 40% off!  Just click on one of the Topaz badges right over there ⇒⇒⇒ and use this code  SPRINGSUMMER2016 . If you follow me (and if you don’t, I hope you will…), you know I’m a big fan of Topaz, and these days I’m particularly loving Impressions and Glow and use them in all sorts of combinations.  I have lots of examples here the blog or check out my WEBSITE  to see more.

Ok, time to get ready and do a little more birthday celebrating!

Until next time,

Happy Birthday shout outs to: Kev, Tom, Meg, Jasper, Dad, Molly, and John and to anyone else out there that has a reason to celebrate!

One thought on “I Feel Like Celebrating…

  1. Thanks Momma! Except I’d much rather have spent it back training or out racing again… I swear the OCR addiction is real! 🙂


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