Five years later…

Five years ago, I did a photo project for a family member and just got a request for some reprints, and (after finally finding them ~ I feel there’s a future post on the topic of storage) it struck me how flat they looked.  Then I realized, it wasn’t the photos, it was that I was viewing them from a fresh perspective.  Five years later… with so many more tools at my disposal and better yet really knowing how to use them, as well as absorbing whatever I can from all types of art mediums… it is my style that has changed and evolved…


One of my biggest changes… much more time and thought is put into an image.  Not just in post-production, but when the shutter is clicked.   I used to take hundreds (well, maybe not 100s, but you get the idea) of photos at a time in the hopes of getting a “lucky” one.  Now, I pay closer attention to all the elements (camera, composition, etc) and get more right taking fewer photos (oh, and another advantage ~ the growth of my library has slowed down considerably).  I also have a pretty good idea… a vision… for where to take it in post when I have taken it.  The horse image above is a perfect example.  This image has been in the works since May.  There was actually very little to do to the original image… the horse just needed to be able to run free.   What I was waiting for was the right mood.  No, not my mood… the mood that accompanied my vision.  I just needed to figure out how to get it there.  gray-horseA few month’s later, while looking for those other images, I came across this one and then that elusive mood hit me.   And those images I was looking for, they got an a slight update before being reprinted… but (shh) I’ll never tell.

I’m very excited to see what the next five years brings as this photographic/artistic journey continues to evolve.

Until next time,

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