Ghoul is Cool


Happy Halloween from this ghoulish gang to yours!


Family Portrait

Accolades to Dolores Dragan for creating these spooktacular creatures.  Set among a backdrop of a stately historic home that must have it’s own ghostly history, this retired teacher has an incredible artistic talent for making ghoul look cool.  Surely a must see if you’re ever in these parts around this time of year.  Be sure to check out the video link by Bob Krist about Dolores and her creations… psst, you’ll find it at the end of this post.


The Courtship

Enjoying an evening out and feeling a little upbeat, I found myself finding the whimsy on display.  Although, there was most definitely a darker side too… you just had to be looking for it as, Henry, my shooting buddy for the evening has so eerily demonstrated. But, seriously, how cute is this girl with her dog (even though both look like they might have been sent to the electric chair)?


Friends til the end…

There you have it… my take on some already pretty spooktacular creatures.

In keeping with the lighter side of this post,  I’ll leave the trials & tribulations of photographing subjects in the dark, wielding around a tripod, exposing for a flood of black lights, and shooting around a steady stream of spectators for another time, because boy do I have a lot of thoughts on that… but for now, I would say this about sums it up… gastly-ghostHappy Haunting,

Enjoy! the video and scroll down to my Instagram link to see a few more photos from the House of Ghosts.

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