The best place to be…

Sunday/Monday’s supermoon is already a thing of the past.  hello-supermoonI’ve refrained from looking at photos of it… well, except for mine.    Gone that fast and not to occur again for 18 years, I was determined to photograph it.  Being a perfectly clear night (which never seems to happen around here during a celestial event) and being billed as a time when the moon is at its closest approach to the earth (yes, I looked that up), I was determined not to miss this one!  But…  I had dinner to make, a book club to get to, and no time to find an ideal location.  I had to make the best with the time I had and where I was… at home.  With a little preparedness…having gear ready and using a handy little app called, I knew roughly where the moon would be out my front door and at what time.  I was able to coordinate serving dinner, eating dinner, and grabbing a few photos before heading off to my book club meeting. Like I said, I was determined.


Immediately finishing my dinner, I was out the door again… With the moon a little higher I could finely find an unobstructed view but now, although still very bright, it was getting smaller (optically) and not having a super telephoto, extensions, etc, etc., I was left with a small bright ball on a black background.  Yes, I had a shot of the supermoon, but in all respects it looked like any other full moon, nothing so super about it.  So after waiting for that unobstructed view, I was right back where I started… looking through the trees.  I took some shots, not really sure what I had, but I had things to do and places to be… any retakes would just have to wait until 2034.

Turns out, I have my moon and more!  Maybe to the casual observer, it still looks like just another full  moon.  But! it will always be my supermoon (and I have the meta data to prove it 😉 ).   And as for finding that perfect location…  seems the best place to be sometimes is where ever you are and for me that was right outside my front door.

Until next time,

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