14, 13, 12, 11, 10…


a little androidography.

Let the countdown to 2017 begin!  One morning last week, really early, before the sun, before the birds, when I should have still been asleep, I saw a news bit where they were preparing Times Square to ring in the new year and a giant 17 coming in on a flatbed.  Is is really that time already? Time to start thinking about all the things 2017 might have in store for us and what we have planned for it?

lady-in-blackAs it turns out many of my 2016 resolutions, personal & photo (remember that 52 week
project… think I got as far as week 3 or 4.) are pretty much still just as they were this time last year.  Where did the time go?   I did start many of them; I just never got around to finishing them. Now I even have a folder called “Current Projects” that has grown so much, do I dare even contemplate starting a Current Projects 2017 folder.

So maybe I should pick just one for 2017. One thing I can really give my all, one that this time next year, I can say… I did it!  But… is it really possible to choose just one?


Do you believe?

Well, I’m just going to have leave it there for now, because I really want to give this idea, this one, some thought.  So you’ll have to wait until the New Year.  Besides, Christmas is less than a week away and there’s no time to waste to get ready for when the big man in red shows up…



Until next time,

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