Which is Which

But a dream is not reality.  But,  who is to say which is which.

~ Alice Through the Looking Glass

I heard that and thought how perfectly it sums up the direction my photography has taken…   Because the reality draws me in, but it’s the dreams that become the end result.  Or is it the other way around?

Remember this photo from my last post.  I was drawn to that little opening in the trees from the left… see it?  It’s even framed so it’s on the 1/3 line.  I knew there was a story there… something, somewhere… but a few edits later and it still wasn’t coming to me, so I filed it away.

A year or more later and couple more elements,   it all just came together.  It’s the-winter-housestill there, that little opening, but now it is part of another story… The Winter House. Sometimes it takes time for those dreams to become reality (or vice versa) and sometimes it’s almost instantaneous.

The colors during a sunrise one morning last week were amazing.  If you got to see it, in full view, I’m so jealous.  Unfortunately sunrises from my house (sunsets too for that matter), are a bit obstructed.  But!  Just as I was about to get on with my day, I noticed the frost on the window…oooh, let’s go for a macro shot.  And then, just like that, with the slightest adjustment in viewing angle, everything changed.  Now those gorgeous sunrise shades of pink and orange were mixing with the frosty blue on the glass… and the doors to my imagination opened up.  I saw a beautiful sunrise coming up over rolling hills with wind blown snow floating over the tops…  frosted-window

And the imagination did not stop there.  Because when I looked at the picture I took, those rolling hills and blowing snow continued to transform…

18 layers later (including but not limited to Topaz Impressions, Nik Color Efex, tilt & shift – the real game changer, gradient fill & liquify tool, a texture or two, and of course a couple penguins, whew…just to name a few), what I dreamed up became the perfect winter oasis for these two love birds who I thought looked like they could use a little more privacy.

Disclaimer:  No idea if this type of penguin actually likes the snow, especially since they call the Lehigh Valley Zoo home.  It’s just what I think of when I think of penguins… 

Until next time,

AFTER I WROTE THIS, I read this article by from Light Stalking in my Facebook feed.  Check it out HERE  But be sure to come back and share your thoughts.  This is interesting, since, as I have obviously demonstrated, two of the images I’m showing you today are composites… but are they still photographs?    Before I tell you what I think (and I think I’ll save that thought for next week’s blog post) I’d love to hear your thoughts on whether you think a composite should/could still be called a photograph?

One thought on “Which is Which

  1. Nice post Maria. I enjoy seeing your creation. What a good idea to put the house in the empty area. It’s just what is was calling for. I hope to see you at the next photo club meeting!


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