Is 8 really enough?

Apparently not… but that will make more sense in just a bit.  Another question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately… Is it worth it? Especially after each new bruise I acquire (more on that later, too).


Just a few of the supplies ~ tidied up for a photo. 9 times I out of 10 I cannot find what I need when I need it.

Let me start at the beginning.  It’s been a busy couple weeks of preparation for next Saturday’s Ambler Arts Fest (be sure to note that on your calendar).  After my last arts fest, I realized much more inventory was needed in order to look, well, more professional.

Step 1:  The images, choosing which ones and getting them ready to print.  I love that kid in the toy store feeling… when you see that image come out of the printer and get so excited because it is better than you imagined.  But then the hard part begins.  I like to re-purpose and cut costs wherever I can.  But often the image just does not fit a so-called “Standard format.”  So it’s time to break out the mat cutter.

First ever attempt making a mat with three openings…

Step 2:  Printing & matting & framing all the images, making all those note cards, and other small items to fill the booth.  Not the most fun, and usually mostly frustrating because, of course, I almost always run out of something…  Oh, how I hate when it’s the ink.


I’m not leaving anything to chance.  A new venue,  just me and my helper daughter, a tent that recently underwent repair, and wanting to be sure I have enough to fill the space, I did a 100% trial run.  This is a labor intensive setup, mostly due to the ridiculously heavy and unwieldy grid walls (and the cause of the previously mentioned bruises).  As you can see, I took lots of pictures and notes as helpful reminders.  And decided 8 new images is definitely not enough.

So with a week to go and three more pieces (at least) in the pipeline… and still asking myself is it worth it, I have finally come to this conclusion: Yes!  Because it is that sense of accomplishment, that butterflies in the stomach feeling I get knowing that something I created is giving someone a sense of joy, or maybe remembrance, or is the perfect accompaniment to their decor.  It’s one thing to create an image, a piece of art… it’s something really special to share it.

It pays to do a recon mission, especially first thing Sunday morning before anyone is up.

Kudos to all those artists that do the festival circuit all season/all year long.  There is really so much that goes into it… the artwork, the supplies, the travel, the set up/take down… and god forbid it rains.   So please support the arts, your local artists, and remember to shop small and shop local.

Hope to see you Saturday!


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