Creating Art is One Thing

Selling it… often feels more like a job.  Since I opened my Etsy shop two years ago, it has been somewhat slow going and a continuous learning process on how to be a marketer, a writer, and a designer.  I have had to learn about web logistics, SEOs, and social media management… with many hours spent surfing the web looking for how-to’s and what-not-to do’s.

My very first Etsy listing and product shot.

However, I learn something new with every Etsy listing.  For example, I started out by staging my own product shots, scavenging the house for items to include, working in a makeshift studio (i.e. a corner in my office), taking photos of my photos and then having to edit those.

Until I discovered the wonderful world of Photoshop mock-ups that include everything from the frames to the walls to the all accessories…  And with so many options, the most time consuming part now is making up my mind.

My latest Etsy listing.

Even for this do-it-your-selfer, these pre-made mock-ups are a huge time saver and even an extension of the creative process, making selling art a little less like a job.

Need a mock-up?  Checkout Creative Market. Also a great place for fonts, textures, and other goodies.

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