What’s in a name?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start quoting Shakespeare…

But there is an area of photography that seems to have as many terms/titles/names to describe it as there are photographers/artists that create within it, such as digital art, artistic manipulation, artistic photo compositing, alternative photography…

And my favorite conceptual photography.  Like many words, conceptual, can take on different meanings to different people and that is what I love about it.   Because the word conceptual and all the words associated with it, such as dreamed-up, fantastical, imaginative, non-existent, whimsical, and even words like deceptive, fictional, shadowy, not only describes but encompasses the contemplation behind a photographic composite.

Digital tools have been indispensable in taking my photography from recording an image to injecting an image with character and/or atmosphere… to now where the image is reworked in part or in whole and/or combined with multiple images to arrive at an entirely new and authentic concept.  I never dreamed when I first picked up a camera that this is where it would all lead.  But… now that it has, I can’t stop dreaming up that next image.

So it’s no wonder, I’m equally honored and awestruck to have three conceptual photographs be chosen for the Transformations 2017 Exhibit; an exhibit created to showcase this photographic art form that is manipulated, artistic, alternative, conceptual,or whatever term you chose… photography.

Transformations 2017 “An Exhibition of Imagination” runs from October 27 to November 12 – Be sure to check out the PA Center for Photography website for specific days & times as they become available.

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