Tapping into the Dark Side

Maybe it’s because October brings out the creepy in us, maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s just a mood… Whatever the reason, it seems I’ve been exploring the darker side of things a bit more… and I kind of like it.

It’s intriguing how an image can transform from what you were thinking at moment you took it to when that what-if occurs.  The result… the composition above ~ a fusion of the beauty captured and an ominous creature lurking.

Photographing spider webs, especially when there are at least 100 (maybe more) to choose from probably isn’t for everyone.  But there’s a valley I visit where every morning, when the morning sun peaks over the mountain, intricate patterns of diamond-like necklaces
glisten in as many different designs as there are webs.  And in all that beauty… lots and lots of spiders.

This year was particularly bedazzling and with the help of a new lens (actually a much older and  borrowed lens, Nikon’s 80-200, circa 1986), I was really able to capture the sparkle.


But for every ooh and ahh, I kept a close eye on the webs around me and the 8-legged wee-beasties that make them.

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